Extinction Road

by Duckhunters

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muschiosauro Hulking riffs, muscular grooves and dynamic songwriting propel this stoner metal machine that keeps pushing on and on like an armored train rampaging a post-apocalyptic world on a dark and stormy night. Favorite track: Killer Croc.
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F. A true masterpiece! Regarding concept albums this is clearly the most stunning listening experience I've had in many years.

I can feel the dirt and gravel beneath my feet as I'm walking down extinction road.

And I can see where it leads us all... into oblivion. We may be close to the end of the road now. This record hits hard.

I bought the digisleeve disc because of the marvelous artwork by Jo Riou. I wish here in Germany we had more musicians like Duckhunters. Favorite track: Exile.
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Greylord This album jams hard, heavy and groovy. Killer. Favorite track: The Road.
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Bucky Brilliant concept album dealing with the end of times as we know it. What we are left with is classic French stoner metal groove, fiercely thick riffs, and bourbon drenched vocals spewing desperate lyrics. I'm getting shades of neighboring French heavy rockers Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel which is meant as a huge compliment. Favorite track: Hands of Doom.
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Killer Croc 03:58
Look out, tell me if it stinks! Listen, can you hear it. Look out, what a mess he leaves! Beware, he could feel heart beat! Go down, and check behind your back Slow down! Can you feel it? Hurry up! Don’t fall in his trap! Keep on, don’t try to stop it! Killer Croc Beware! It’s the king of the sewers Speed up! It happens behind you! Today! Can’t find stronger monster Watch out! It could shred you! Go down, and check behind your back Slow down! Can you feel it? Hurry up! Don’t fall in his trap! Keep on, don’t try to stop it! Killer Croc
Dragooning 06:45
We were born in a crazy dirty world The elders destroyed everything We grew up in this netherworld Dust and guns are all they left Escape hatch We were raised, watching our jailers Empty souls and guns in head Death-war-blood, we’re all their lifers “Shut up kids!” that’s all they said! Escape hatch We’re raised like slaves They stole our souls We’re raised like slaves Falling into an endless hole We’re raised like slaves Are you feeling the wind of freedom blowing in ears of the powerfuls? Can you see the love shinning in the eyes of free men? Could we die, hand in hand? No more tears and guns unloaded Could we die, eyes in eyes? No more tears and no more cries! Escape hatch We’re raised like slaves They stole our souls We’re raised like slaves Falling into an endless hole We’re raised like slaves
They soiled banners with golden feces. They put them down, cut out pieces. They broke down World and given birth, War. They chained our minds, and wiped out what we are. Do we have to fight? Must we keep to swim in this blood? Are we forced to follow these leaders? Do we have to listen to these losers?
The Road 06:40
I’ve been on the road for so long I’ve been on the road for too months There’s something in the air burning my throat There’s something (that) looks like a dead man in this coat This shouldn’t be happening This shouldn’t be a game!! This shouldn’t be that real, all the, mistakes they have made!!! I am alone in this dead town I walk. I’m limping, slowly, head down There’s something in the air freezing my tears But nothing around (that) I can fucking hear I’m on the road! Is there someone in this hell? (Is there) someone able to tell? Why is there nothing in the sky, just dark clouds Why is there nothing in my mind, even more fucking doubts
Exile 01:55
The Bill 05:47
Did you pay for your house? Oh can you shut your mouth? Did you pay for the right to breathe cause, it’s the end of month? Did you buy your beautiful car? Could you pay for our dreadful war? Did you pay for the right to live, the misery that you can’t leave? You’re forced to spend all your cash To feed your kids and fuck your wife They ask you to sell your ass if not, to keep on feed your life Are you ready to lose your world? Later you won’t need all this gold! Enjoy your later happy times ‘cause where we’re going stars don’t shine You spend your money! You’ve got to pay for all your pain! You’ve got to pay the bill ‘cause it’s not a dream, but the real. Leave this money and get away Leave your dream, forget your honey Leave this money and get away. Don’t need this shit to forget!
Is it necessary to drag all my babes? I gotta hurt her! I gonna hurt her! Could someone help me? They don’t wanna save me! I'm gotta torture! I'm gonna torture! Is it necessary, take her down in the cellar? I see she’s begging me, but I gotta hit her! It’s deep in my soul. I’m out of control. I can’t wait to rape ‘cause tonight I’ve a date! Is it necessary to kill those I love? I can't stop my hands, I gotta put on my gloves My mind is disturbed, night's made to kill I can't be curbed, ‘cause it makes me thrill Why all this death, in my head? Why all this blood, on my hands? Why do you leave me alone in my bed? Why do you leave me alone in my head? Mum and dad, I need your help! Mum and dad, give me a hand! Red drugs make me fool All these bugs make me harmful Cries make me shiver, I never get enough They make me stronger, it makes me laugh Mum and dad, I need your help! Mum and dad, give me a hand! Memories in my brain Straightjacket, all these chains They make me crying, open my veins They turn me dying, build my pain Mum and dad!


"The main highways have been blocked for months. As a result, traffic has been completely shut down in all the major cities. The planet is an ecological disaster. Climate change is now obvious. Heards of maddened beasts flee in total chaos. In western countries, earthquakes have destroyed the main pipelines. An all-out war has been declared for resources. A growing rift separates North and South. Great nations are at war. Separatist clans fight constantly. Peace is nowhere to be found. Planes are stranded. Armies are paralyzed. Chaos reigns. Madness is spreading like a plague. Mass riots have erupted across all continents. Entire stock markets crash one after the other. Banks are brutally flundered. The rich are entrenched behind mammoth walls. Poverty harvests victims by the hundreds every day. Several cases of cannibalism have been reported. Famine hits. Diseases spread. Populations run. Nations are collapsing. Deserts expand. Survivors find refuge underground Man is no more. Nothing remains but the road."

“ […] As Extinction Road is a thrilling debut album that will appeal to all fans of Stoner Rock/Metal” - THE OUTLAWS OF THE SUN

“A furious and fuzzed-out punch of groove and riffs citing the end of days as their inspiration” – HEAVY PLANET

“This is well-paced groove laden stoner metal with the right mix of crunch and gallop in the guitar and tightly assembled drumming” – THE PITKIVES

“Osons l’affirmer, « Extinction Road » marque la naissance d’un très grand groupe qui fait déjà très mal partout ! » - SOUND PROTEST

"Duckhunters habille son style par de multiples influences allant du Sludge Metal ou Doom, et du Psychédélique au Heavy Rock, ici enregistré au Y Prod Studio. Un son épais et massif côtoyant les ambiances poisseuses des marécages." - FURIEUX


released December 1, 2015


All music and lyrics by Duckhunters
Copyright 2015 Drop Dead Records
Published by Drop Dead Records
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Y Prod Studio
Artwork by Jo Riou

Guillaume (Guitar)
Manu (Vocals)
Isidore (Bass)
Alain (Drums, backing vocals)

Guests :
Adrien Heliès - Additionnal vocal on "Last Broadcast"
Michel Raffini - Speaker on "Last Broadcast"
Brendan Bihan - Additionnal vocal on "The Bill"

DUCKHUNTERS official website - duckhuntersfdp.wordpress.com
DROP DEAD RECORDS - www.facebook.com/dropdeadrecords
Y-PROD Studio - yprodstudio.com
JO RIOU GRAPHIC DESIGNER: www.facebook.com/Jo.Riou.Graphics

Duckhunters remercie: Y-PROD Studio, Tonio, les copains ; le public; ceux qui nous soutiennent.


all rights reserved



Duckhunters Brest, France

Johnny Hallyday

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